„Road deaths fell to record low in Poland in 2022 after introduction of tougher speeding fines“ (2023-01-06)

„The annual number of fatalities on Poland’s roads fell below 2,000 last year for the first time since records began. Police link the drop in deaths to tougher new road safety measures, including higher fines for speeding.“

„The number of fatalities dropped to 1,883 in 2022 – 16% lower than in 2021 and 24% less than in 2020.“

„Last year’s decline followed sigificant increases in fines for speeding and certain other road offences that were introduced at the beginning of 2022.“

„Pedestrians were also given priority over cars at road crossings, bringing Poland in line with most other European countries.“

„A police officer can now impose a maximum fine of 6,000 zloty (€1,284) for road offences. The officer can also refer a case to a court if they find that a driver has created high risk – by, for example, fleeing – in which case the court may impose a fine of up to 30,000 zloty (€6,421).“

„“You can see how the reduction in speed has translated directly into a decrease in fatalities,” said Robert Opas of the police’s traffic bureau“

„“In 2022, we took [licenses from] nearly 29,000 drivers, which is half as many as in 2020,” notes Opas.“

„“Without detailed analyses, it is impossible to say whether the fall in the number of accidents has been influenced by high fines or, for example, [rapidly rising] fuel prices, which have reduced the mobility of Poles. Many people have switched to public transport,” he [Janusz Popiel of Alter Ego, an association that provides assistance to victims of road accidents] said.“


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