„European Road Safety Observatory | Facts and Figures – Pedestrians – 2023“ (2023-12-26)

„The most recent figures in this Facts and Figures report of 2023 refer to 2020. These reports can be found on the ERSO website (https://road-safety.transport.ec.europa.eu/statistics-and-analysis/data-and-analysis/facts-and-figures_en)“

„Pedestrians are a special category within the totality of different transport modes. It is the most universal form of movement, the only mode of transport without a vehicle, and the first form of movement that each person learns. Like bicycles, this mode of transport has no age limit, is often practiced by children and senior citizens (<...>), and is beneficial for health and the environment. At the same time, pedestrians are particularly vulnerable. Usually they do not wear protective clothing and, compared to other transport modes, they have a low and vulnerable position on the road. As a consequence, almost all fatalities in pedestrian crashes (98%) are the pedestrians themselves.“

„Both the share of pedestrian fatalities in the total number of road fatalities and pedestrian mortality were highest in the central and eastern EU Member States.“

↓ Pedestrian fatalities per million inhabitants per country in the EU27 (2018-2020)

Share of pedestrian fatalities in the total number of fatalities, per country in the EU27 (2018-2020)

Percentage change in the number of pedesterian fatalities per country in the EU27 (2018-2020 and 2011-2013)

Number and trend of pedestrian fatalities per country in the EU27 and EFTA (2018-2020 versus 2011-2013)


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